Chatham-Kent's #1 Strength & Conditioning facility

Here at Maple City CrossFit we deliver consistent top-notch coaching from the most educated, experienced, and motivating coaches in Chatham-Kent within a facility that is continually evolving with its community and the world of fitness. Our elite fitness program produces measurable results in an effective and efficient manner through adopting sound CrossFit methodology. This methodology is driven by evidence-based research that seeks to create workouts that are constantly varied functional movements executed at a high intensity. Every workout can be adapted and modified for each individual's fitness level, no matter gender, age, or athletic ability. It is no secret that this approach to fitness is developing the most healthy, fit, and athletic individuals in Chatham-Kent and across the world.

In addition to the extraordinary programming, coaching and training facility, Maple City CrossFit would not be what it is without our community. The MCCF community is the final piece that formulates the unprecedented results that are experienced within our box. The comradery, encouragement, and motivation is shared between all of our members, where a triumph for one is a triumph for all. Through mutual suffering of conquering each workout together forms an unbreakable bond. No one goes it alone. This bond is the glue that keeps this community together, pushing every individual closer to their full potential.

It is OURMISSION to change the perception of the fitness industry. We take pride in practicing the true definition of fitness. We diverge from the traditional physique-based training to a functional-based program that encompasses all areas of fitness allowing you to live a higher quality of life.

OUR VISION is simple. It is to make Chatham-Kent a healthier community. To do this we provide the best strength and conditioning program through quality coaching, an exceptional fitness experience and a welcoming community. ‚Äč