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What is A wod?

WOD is an acronym for Workout Of the Day! We know what you are thinking … and we can't figure out why it’s not called the WOTD either!?

​What is a metcon?

METCON is short form for Metabolic Conditioning. METCONS are apart of our WODs (see above), that provide us with a structured work patterns and designated rest periods. So, all those videos and pictures that you see of athletes on the floor and covered in sweat ... that was the result of one of these bad boys!

The aim of a METCON is to maximize energy systems. There are 3 metabolic energy systems:

  1. The Immediate System - Phosphagen: Utilized when performing exercises lasting 10 seconds or less.
  2. The Intermediate System - Glyoclytic: Provides energy when performing exercises lasting 1-4 minutes.  
  3. The Long-Duration System - Aerobic: Providing energy for longer duration exercise lasting from minutes to hours at lower to moderate intensities. 

Programming at Maple City CrossFit will introduce you to workouts that incorporate these different types of metabolic conditioning. This will allow your body to become efficient in all of these metabolic pathways, which has also been proven to increase your caloric burn (Resting Metabolic Rate) hours after a METCON. At first glance of a METCON, you may think that these are just random workouts, however, they are actually a carefully devised planned attack of paired exercises, time domains, and resting periods. They give you the best bang for your buck. ;)    


What type of exercises will I be doing?

Some folks walk into our box and ask us where all the machines are! Our answer to that?! We are the machines!

At Maple City CrossFit our aim is to increase your functional fitness. This means that we do exercises that improve daily activity. Essentially, CrossFit just makes your life easier! Exercises that build on your functional fitness challenge you in balance and coordination, meanwhile making you stronger and enhancing your range of motion. This includes picking stuff up off the ground, carrying awkward objects, jumping, running, and throwing. We do this through various exercises such as olympic lifting, squats, deadlifts, weighted carries, wall balls, pull ups, push ups, dips - just to name a few. We don't need machines for this as they do not allow us to train for functional fitness.

Your typical Globo gym is lined with various machines made to isolate and develop muscles individually. However, functional fitness demands that we use our different muscles together to execute a movement. Think about it, if you are doing groceries and you need to bend down to pick up a case of water, you will need to deadlift it up, which uses a host of muscles to get it from the shelf to your cart. Doing hamstring curls isn't going to be of much help now, is it? So, ditch the useless machines, we will show you how to use a barbell and get you results that translate into your daily routines and athletic ability. 

Will every class leave me lying in a puddle of sweat and gasping for air?!

Nope! Will you still be getting a good workout in? Absolutely!
We are known to have some lung-burning, sweat-dripping, crawling-on-the-floor-gasping-for-air workouts every now and again. But we don’t do this everyday. The goal of Maple City CrossFit programming is to increase your fitness.

Fitness is defined as work capacity across broad time and modal domain.

Fitness has 4 main areas:

  1. Strength - this consists of powerlifting and olympic weight lifting
  2. Gymnastics - building bodyweight movements and core stability
  3. Cardiovascular Endurance - having an engine for various durations and intensities
  4. Mobility - Increasing flexibility of muscles and mobility of joints

So, if you stick to one aspect of fitness, are you really "fit"? Or just an expert in 1 area of fitness? Being an expert in one area of fitness is great and you can call yourself a great olympic lifter, gymnast, marathon runner, etc. But those who are able to perform above average in all areas of fitness will ultimately be more prepared for the test of fitness.

So in order to achieve our goals of fitness, our athletes are not subjected to constant conditioning, but rather our programming strategically balances all 4 aspects to achieve optimal fitness!

Will I get bulky doing CrossFit?

LADIES - this one is for you! The most common question we get asked, specifically by women, rises from the common misconception that lifting weights will make you bulky. This is likely due to the fact that we have all seen professional female bodybuilders or even CrossFit Competitors that are inhumanly JACKED! However, it needs to be understood that these women have devoted their lives and careers to the gym, train for 6+ hours a day, religiously follow a strict diet, and may even take some performance enhancing substances (legal or otherwise) in order to rise in their sport. We can make a solid assumption that this is not likely going to be how you live your life! Out of fear, these misconceptions have driven many to the cardio machines for years and has not only kept you from reaching your goals, but also doesn’t allow for you to acquire the key health benefits that only weightlifting can offer (such as bone density, which is specifically important for women)! So, the answer for you is NO - Maple City CrossFit will not make you bulky, it will however make you feel stronger, more confident, and hell lot more healthier!

How come you guys don’t do real pull ups?

Whoever told you that clearly has no idea what they are talking about, let alone has ever observed an optimal CrossFit program, such as the one we have here at Maple City CrossFit! :) Oops, did we say that out loud?!

So, to fill you in, they are referring to the fact that we incorporate Kipping Pull Ups, which is a legitimate gymnastics movement, into our workouts. A kipping pull up is when you use you legs and the snap of your hips to get your chin over the bar in a pull up. This style of pull up decreases the amount of force needed in order to achieve a rep, allowing you to maximize your output and the number of reps you can string together. These have been known to cause a lot of controversy for those who do not understand its purpose in a workout. Let us teach ya a thing or two!

Strict and Kipping Pull Ups are both found in our CrossFit workouts and each have their own purpose within our programming. Strict is used for strength and kipping is a learned skill that is utilized for endurance. Each style of pull up compliments one another making you a more well rounded athlete. So, to answer this question YES we do REAL pull ups and we do them in two different styles!

I hear that people get hurt a lot doing CrossFit - is this true?

Quite frankly you can get hurt in any gym doing any type of exercise. Heck, you can hurt yourself by simply trying to put your socks on in the morning! When you challenge yourself in a workout or a movement, there is always a possibility of hurting yourself. This is not new found data - there is risk associated with everything. But if we never risked anything, we would never move forward in life! 

What it all boils down to is your ego! At Maple City CrossFit we preach proper form and technique and will ensure you are moving safely before pushing someone to increase the weight on their bar and intensity. Leave your ego at the door, you can pick it up on your way out.

​The CrossFit workouts that I have seen look impossible for someone like me! How would I be able to do a class?

To be honest, merely 95% of the entire class can’t do the workout as prescribed either. Maple City CrossFit is not just for elite athletes, it’s also for your everyday Joes who just want to get their sweat on.

How is this possible you ask? Universal scalability. Every movement and workout that we do can be scaled for each individual, making it possible for every single person to be challenged by the same workout! This is one of the true beauties of CrossFit!

What is the difference between doing workouts at home versus at Maple City CrossFit?

Doing CrossFit at home sounds like a good idea, right?! Cooking dinner, doing laundry, and busting out a quick WOD in the living just sounds like the perfect dream. BUT if you care about making progress and hitting goals, you might want to reconsider for two very important reasons (& they aren't that your pots are going to boil over or shrinking your favourite shirt by leaving it in the dryer too long)!

Coaching. At Maple City CrossFit we have some of the most experienced coaches in Chatham-Kent, each having their own specific talents and knowledge bases in CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, mobility, and nutrition! At home you do not have access to a coach to not only motivate you, but give you clear direction that will move you closer your goals. Without competent coaching you are putting your results at risk!

Community. Maple City CrossFit has the best community comradery of any gym in Chatham-Kent! For many of the athletes here, the community is what keeps them coming back day in and day out. As a community, we grow stronger through the mutual suffering of a WOD, push each other to our limits, and keep us accountable to show up everyday! The MCCF crew creates this environment that makes you