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Matt's Success Story

If you are really concerned about your health and fitness, Maple City CrossFit (MCCF) is the way to go. I have been working out in many gyms and trying all kinds of fitness programs for years. I am 51 years old and had considered myself fit. Since joining MCCF I have really learned what true fitness can feel like.

I joined MCCF in September 2017 after many years at a globo gym. I spent many hours of my life working on exercises I thought I needed to become fit. After joining MCCF the best thing I have learned is “I don’t have to do this alone anymore”. The culture at MCCF is friendly and motivational. Coaches and members treat everyone with respect and encouragement. I see people at all levels of fitness in classes helping each other to gain the most benefit. The program is not easy, but the benefits are there for anyone willing to put in an effort.

The coaches at MCCF are truly concerned about the member welfare. They make sure you learn and use proper movements to ensure low probability of injury. They provide the routines required to work on complete body fitness and adjust the exercises to the limitations of the participant. They lead by example and know their own limitations which provides the members motivation to continue.

Every day at MCCF is a new day. I have not done the same class routine twice since starting 5 months ago. Many exercises are repeated, but the routine of the class is mixed that support full body fitness. A week of classes would give you a complete body exercise including movement, cardio and strength. I truly enjoy going to MCCF each day of the week and the class scheduling allows me to do this.

Keep up the good work coaches; you have made an impact on my life that I will not forget.

Thank you.