Growing up in competitive figure skating, dance, and cheerleading I have kept active as long as I can remember. After graduating University I no longer had any teams to be a part of.  I moved home to Chatham and the daily practices with my teammates were missing.  I decided to join CrossFit as a way to stay active daily and learn new skills. Before the first workout was complete, I was hooked.  For me, CrossFit is a way to keep learning and get a little more fit every day. It fuels my competitive spirit with the yearly Open competition and other small local competitions throughout the year. My fitness level has never been higher, the consistent variance and phenomenal coaching has allowed me to excel across all areas of fitness (strength, mobility, endurance and more). It transfers to other areas of life too - I want to eat healthier so that I can keep excelling in the gym. All these things are great, however the best part of CrossFit has been the friends I have made. The people at Maple City CrossFit are people that I want to hang out with outside the gym, they are all kind, empowering, like minded individuals that make coming to the gym everyday exciting and something that I look forward to. 

Mikayla's Success Story

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