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Rach's Success Story.

Personal Training with coach casey.

​I started my fitness journey in 2015, which consisted of an occasional jog on my treadmill or a workout video. I never considered myself to be someone who attend a gym. I had no intention of EVER attending a dreaded class at a gym :)

My husband started CrossFit two years ago and loved it. We put the kids in CrossFit Kids and they loved it just as much. But I still couldn’t commit myself to it.

Then the opportunity arose for me to start personal training with Coach Casey. I was terrified at first, but I can honestly say it is a part of my week that I look forward to the most! Personal training allows me to fit workouts in at convenient times that fit my schedule. Coach Casey tailors every workout to me and I have seen awesome results. The best part is I get me time without feeling like I am neglecting my other responsibilities at home. It’s busy being a wife and mom to three little people, working, juggling other responsibilities and THEN trying to worry about my fitness. But I soon realized when I spend a little bit of time on me each week my overall mood improved, my energy levels increased and I was able to handle the business of life much better. I can’t wait to see where my personal training takes me. I believe I will one day attend regular CrossFit classes and I hope to participate in The CrossFit Open next year. But for now, I’ll be enjoying my personal training sessions, with a wonderful coach who is passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about all his athletes!

Thanks Coach Casey! And thanks to Maple City CrossFit for being the opposite of what I thought a gym was!

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