Chatham-Kent's #1 Strength & Conditioning facility

CrossFit has helped me reach a fitness level I have never experienced before. I have energy and focus that I didn’t know I ever had, and that translates to every other aspect of my life. I used to run in my teenage years, but had experienced significant knee pain since. Once I started CrossFit, my knee pain has completely gone away and I have been able to start running again. When I started CrossFit, I hadn’t run for more than a mile in over a decade. With no running training other than my daily WODs, I was able to run a 5k and not feel like I was dying, in fact, I could have kept running. I can be more active with my daughter, I can run and lift and climb where I could have never done that before.

Not only have I experienced the confidence that comes with weight loss thanks to CrossFit, I have also been able to significantly increase my endurance - not just in the gym. The CrossFit mentality of going one rep at a time, putting one step in front of the other, and keep moving has helped me in all other aspects of my life. Through any difficult task, whether at work or at home, I am able to better push through, enjoying a hard days work and managing stress with ease. I get less overwhelmed with the “big picture” and am now able to focus better on the tasks that I need to complete in order to get the big things completed.

I love the fact that CrossFit isn’t tailored to either gender. I entered the box and was immediately treated as an equal. I have never heard “women can’t do that” when it comes to CrossFit. Ego isn’t a huge part of my daily CrossFit experience, which makes it easier to succeed. I love the community aspect of CrossFit, how we are all in it together, inspiring and cheering each other on. I love that another’s success doesn’t put anybody else down, but serves as motivation and gives me drive. I love knowing that every time I begin a WOD I am supported by knowledgeable coaching staff that hold me accountable and make sure I am moving to the best standard possible. I love that CrossFit supports a constant stream of learning, whether it be movements, techniques, nutrition, accessory work. I love that with CrossFit, I wholly embrace being better than I was the day before, both mentally and physically. 

Lastly, the community at MCCF keeps me motivated to come in every day (except Saturday’s and Sunday’s.. those are MY days.. hahaha) I also keep coming back to MCCF for the positive and enthusiastic coaches, who make it easier to suffer through even the worse WODs and who provide innovative programming that helps me be fit and work on turning my weaknesses into strengths.